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February 23, 2011 / punkcakes

“Clever Is Good” Bearstronaut, Interview

I would love to tell you all about Bearstronaut, an intellectually creative dance group from Boston, but I decided to let these guys do the talking. Passionate and fun, these guys infuse their music and audience with enough energy to create a dance party out of a room full of, well, anyone. Check out the exclusive interview with them below!

Q: How did Bearstronaut come about? Who are you guys, and where are your roots?

Bearstronaut is Dave Martineau, Phil Boisvert, and Paul Lamontagne, and we are all from Connecticut, but we got together at college in MA.

Q: What would you guys describe your music as? What is the point that you’re trying to make with your tracks?

It’s dance music, but we’d say it’s more informed by other influences. Dance music can be easy in terms of song forms and simplicity, but we try to take aspects we find interesting about pop music and put them together under the umbrella of “dance”. We’re looking for color, we want to make colorful dance music. Maybe like a motion ride through Club Med? Think about it.

Q: What inspires you to make music?

Better bands.

Q: What other bands/musicians do you look up to/feel inspired by?

Hot Chip, Roxy Music, and OMD to name a few. These are pop bands, they write some of the catchiest tunes, but they are also somewhat challenging at times. We like what these band can get away with…they’re clever. Clever is good.

Q: Starting out, did you guys ever have any doubts about making it? What would you say to other young bands/musicians struggling to get noticed?

We’ll we don’t think we’ve “made it” in the traditional sense, but we will say we’ve managed to make our music all on our own, with all the freedom to write, record, and experiment ourselves. We don’t have anyone telling us what to do, and we don’t owe anyone tons of money or anything. If people like what we come up with, we’ll take that as making it. We’re going to try and keep that up. As far as younger bands, we’d just recommend making each member as valuable as possible. There’s a lot of things to do, so work as a team.

Q: What is your favorite part of playing a show? A favorite show yet?

Knowing that your audience is having just as much fun as you are is by far the best. We try to keep everyone dancing as much as we can at our shows; sometimes it’s easy and sometimes not so easy, but regardless you have to show them that you’re willing to let go so they can too. This past Halloween, we played a show in Allston, MA and did a whole set as the Rapture…it was a sweaty night to say the least.

Q: What can we expect from Bearstronaut in the future? (I’m excited to see)

In the next month or so, we’re releasing a 7″ double-single of “Moniker” and “Shannon.” For the summer, we’re planning on releasing a new EP with a tour to support.

Q: What are you guys personally stoked on for the future of Bearstronaut?

Touring. We’re determined to get on the road as soon and as much as possible.

Q: When are you guys coming to Brooklyn? (We’d love to have you!) Where can we find you?

We’ve been trying more and more to get into NYC. Over the summer we played Trash Bar and had a great time. If anyone wants to have us come host a dance party, please let us know. We’re down.

Q: Since Punkcakes is also a baking blog, what are your favorite deserts? Any recipes you’d want to share? Any connoisseurs of the pastry in Bearstronaut?

Can’t say that we are. Our oven was broken for about 6 months one time. That put a damper on our baking endeavors.

Aren’t they cute? Check out their song “Moniker” here and keep an eye out for their planned EP and tour this summer!


Article and interview by  Samantha Sicilia



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