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February 24, 2011 / punkcakes


King Of Limbs is good. But is that what we expect from Radiohead? Good? I think not. Radiohead is supposed to kick our ass, force sounds upon our ignorant ears that we’ve yet to hear from any other band. King Of Limbs sounds rushed, and with the album only 37 minutes long, it is. Which, is not to say that it’s a bad record or lacks any musical talent, it’s just not Radiohead good. Radiohead is a band that music lovers are supposed to like, and expectations are constantly rising with each coming album. Radiohead has hit a high peak on the mountain of musical excellence; however, they seem to be running flat on top of their greatness. We saw that with In Rainbows, but the way they chose to release that album was awesome in itself (independent and free). It pushed the envelope, when maybe their music didn’t. As fans, we expect them to only get better, but is that fair? Maybe it can’t get better than Ok Computer or The Bends. Why can’t we appreciate the excellence we already have? The reason behind the let down of King of Limbs is the reason behind any let down, expectations. The last track of the record, Seperator, Thom Yorke moans “If you think this is over, then you’re wrong”. A foreshadowing perhaps? Or my expectations?


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  1. Mikey Keyz / Feb 24 2011 7:41 pm

    Agreed… all good things must to an end, or at least come to a point where they start to lose their spunk. Look at the chili peppers… “Freaky Styley” through “Californication” were amazing albums. Then, they pretty much take a dump in a CD case, and call it By the Way and Stadium Arcadium. To put it pony-boy style “Nothing gold can stay”

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