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March 29, 2011 / punkcakes

Death Cab For Cutie, “You are A Tourist”

Death Cab for Cutie is just one of those bands for me, you know the ones that grab hold of you when you’re twelve and never cease to let go. I will always love and respect DCFC, but after the release of their new single “You are  A Tourist” off the upcoming Codes and Keys, I find myself a bit let down. The lyrics are mediocre, and immature – not something I would ever expect from Benjamin Gibbard. “When there’s a burning in your heart, an endless yearning in your heart, build it bigger than the sun, let it grow, let it grow, when there’s a burning in your heart”… really, Ben? This hurts me more than you know.

When I listen to this song I can’t help but picture it playing behind that scene in that really corny chick-flick where the depressed dude who loves the girl but can’t deal realizes he was a douche-bag and loves the girl and now he can deal, and merrily strolls over to her really cute apartment and tells her that he was douche-bag, and he loves her and he can deal – except this time she slams the door in his face. Ben, we’ve seen this before, and we already know that scared, depressed, douche-bags never grow up nor are we ever going to afford those really cute apartments. Basically, the song leaves me hopeless.

However, I am trying really hard to be an optimist – so, yes, I cannot wait for Codes and Keys to release… I think.

Listen to “You Are a Tourist” and tell me what you think – send your responses to and I’ll post them here, on Punkcakes!


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