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June 24, 2011 / punkcakes

JEFF The Brotherhood, an Interview!


Photo Cred: Chad Wadsorth




JEFF The Brotherhood’s sound is dirty and beautiful, kind of like that guy your mom hates but you can’t stop calling. The constant need to listen and re-listen to their recently released second album, We Are The Champions, is unavoidable. It’s the perfect follow up to JTB’s first piece of awesome Heavy Days. I recently talked with Jake from JTB, and I only fell more in love with this band. Listen to “Diamond Way” & “Shredder” off We Are the Champions, and seriously go get your hands on a copy.

Q. Who is Jeff The Brotherhood and what do you do?

 JTB is my brother Jamin and I; we play music and run a label called Infinity Cat Recordings. 

Q. What are your musical backgrounds? What kick started your dreams of being men of rock and roll?

We grew up listening to a lot of fun music from our dad’s record collection and eventually started playing instruments.  I think seeing young punk bands in basements in Nashville when we were in middle school kind of kick started us I guess.  It was very inspiring to see kids who dropped out of school living out of their vans and playing shows wherever they could. 

Q. It’s that grungy, fuzzy, garage band feel to your music that makes it so rad. Who and what influence your sound and songwriting?

We are really influenced by Nashville and the surrounding area I think, just the relaxed easygoing atmosphere and cheap rent, cheap beer etc and the lazy rivers and lakes all around.  We also really like 70’s hard rock, 80’s punk, and grunge music.

Q. If you could describe your music in a few words, what would they be?

hard n heavy

Q. June 21 brings the release of the long awaited LP We Are the Champions, what can we expect from this album?

You can expect the best JTB record ever!!!! I hope you have an awesome time listening to it.

Q. What are you guys most stoked on with its release?

Probably the naked lady on the inside of the gatefold sleeve.  It’s our first gatefold.  

Q. How do you feel you guys have grown as a band from your previous album, Heavy Days? How is it different?

I think its different because our songwriting is a bit more developed, a bit more mature maybe? We took the ideas from Heavy Days and just brought them to the next level.  It’s the logical next step in the evolution of our sound.

Q. What is We Are the Champions about? Why these 11 songs now?

That’s a secret!

Q. You guys are on tour now promoting the overwhelming hype and excitement of We Are the Champions, what is your favorite part of playing your music live?

My favorite part of playing our music live is being really really really loud.

Q. Any fun/weird/ridiculous tour stories you’d like to share with us?

One time we drove 16 hours in the wrong direction and ended up at the ocean, so we went body surfing!

Q. If you could give any piece of advice to young musicians trying to get their sound heard, what would it be?

Quit your job, get in the van, and learn to love pb and j sandwiches because that’s mostly what you’ll be eating for at least the next year.

Q. What’s your favorite dessert?

Shot of whiskey-shot of pickle juice-shot of beer, in that order.

Catch them tomorrow night, June 25, in Brooklyn @ 285 Kent.


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